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Attention DAHER babes!
Meet Cooper, the sweetest and silliest little boy who we've been fostering for the last few months. He was rescued from the streets of Egypt at only one month after having been hit a car and left for dead on the side of the road. After getting his broken jaw temporarily fixed in Egypt, he was sent to the US in hopes of a better future. Unfortunately, he landed in the hands of a corrupt rescue organization that did not give him the health care he needed. But FORTUNATELY his guardian angel (aka the girl who found and nursed him back to health in Egypt) got involved and moved him to a new and AMAZING rescue, Pups Unite People, where he has been re-evaluated by a vet and is being cared for by qualified, loving humans.  He is currently on pain meds awaiting the funds to come in so he can get his surgery. He has lived a life of pain and needs your help NOW!
Here are three ways you can help Cooper:
If you've had your eye on our Daisychain Chokers, this is your chance to save a life with your purchase! 100% of proceeds will go toward getting Cooper the surgery he urgently needs!
We love you and deeply appreciate your time and generosity 

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