A Note From Our Founder In Response to Covid-19

For obvious reasons, DAHER is currently being operated via my makeshift home studio in New York. I have been sewing, packing and shipping orders from my living room since late February, when the threat of Covid-19 forced me to pull production from our beloved NYC factory before it had to shut down.

As a business owner and a high-risk individual myself, I fully understand the risks involved with running an e-commerce business that delivers goods during these uncertain times.

In an effort to keep my customers safe, I devoted a section of my home exclusively to sewing/packing orders and practice a daily sanitizing routine to maintain my workspace clean. Everything (purchases and donations for production) that comes into my home gets immediately laundered or disinfected in a custom-built ozone chamber - I call it the decontamination box! Before starting work and before packing orders I always wash my hands then disinfect all surfaces and tools. As an added layer of protection, I ask my customers to launder their items before wearing, particularly the masks. Actually, this is something clothing consumers should always practice considering most factories are dirty, dusty, machine-grease-filled places. Trust me, I've been in some of the best and worst of them and they all fall somewhere on the dirty sliding scale...

You're probably thinking it's safe to assume I'm an obsessive compulsive clean freak germophobe. Well, you're not wrong. But all assumptions aside, what I am truly obsessed with is the health and wellbeing of my customers. Because my customers are an extension of my brand, a company I have been pouring my heart and soul into for the last ten years, and the work means absolutely nothing without my happy and healthy DAHER fam to share it with.

You can check back here for updates as New York slowly reopens and I take production back to our factory in the heart of New York City's Garment District.

For now, I send you all my love from my very, very clean home studio and hope we can all hug and kiss and play dressup again SOON!



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