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Blue Lightning is the second release from our Shibori Play collection. When we first set out to deconstruct and beautify these sad, solid-colored knit dresses, we had no idea we'd be birthing this fresh, flattering longsleeve top and the endlessly versatile magic wrap in this shockingly graphic floral print!

We used the traditional shibori technique of resist-dyeing using strings to tie off little bunches throughout the fabric, but instead of piece-dyeing each dress (mainly for lack of a large enough pot to dye them in) we decided to try bleaching out the tied bunches. We watched in absolute amazement as the bleach bled into what instantly looked like a floral pattern and then started actually screaming when the gorgeous and unexpected pink color appeared out of the original blue material. After untying the bunches and washing out the bleach, we were speechless at the giant, perfect flower x-ray print we had magically created!

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Unfortunately, this is a one-of-a-kind release in a size Large. Sararose has two more sets and will be releasing them shortly so be sure to check her site for other sizes: www.stixandroses.com